At Total Mortgage & Lending Solutions (TMLS) we know that listening to our clients and securing the right loan is critical.


Whether it is financing commercial and business loans, vehicle and equipment leasing, investment or home loans we are able to provide a tailored innovative lending solution.


TMLS is also a leading provider of asset finance solutions to business and personal clients Australia wide. We have longstanding relationships with a large range of non-bank lenders, commercial banks, investments banks and mortgage lenders.


We are a full member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), with Phil Boyle, principal Director being recognised for his experience, skills and longevity within the finance industry as a PLAN Australia Hall of Fame inductee.


Speak to one of our experienced finance consultants today so we can discuss the right finance for you.

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** Best Interest Duty - "BID" **


As of January 1, 2021, all Mortgage Brokers are obligated to implement and follow "BID" guidelines.


WHAT this means to all clients;


• Whilst WE have always acted in your best interest, it is now a legal requirement that you will receive a service that is tailored for you and know without a doubt, your mortgage broker is acting in your BEST INTERESTS in all things finance.


• You will be educated to ensure you understand the commitment you are entering into. We will continue to research thousands of products on your behalf to ensure you are being provided the right product for your needs.


• You will receive a detailed Statement of Credit Advice, better known as "SOCA" at the time you receive your application to sign. This will ensure you have all of the information on hand to make an informed decision.


• It is important to note Banks and their branches are NOT held to this standard – we are really proud to be able to say to our valued clients - WE are held to a higher standard!

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